Episode 13: Keeping Dispersed GTM Teams Aligned with Gabriella DeFlorio

“We see a lot of employee churn that comes into play due to their dissatisfaction of the process beyond just revenue.”

Our Speaker

Gabriella DeFlorio

Founder & CEO, Prelay

Guest Bio

In a past life, Gabriella was an Olympic Trials hopeful and a competitive D1 cross country & track athlete at the University of Michigan. During her competitive running career, 7 leg surgeries failed to keep her off the D1 stage, reinforcing her core approach to life – persistence and perseverance can lead you to achieve feats that may seem impossible at first. Gabriella leveraged the same mindset when entering the tech industry, where she discovered a similar spark of excitement and passion in scaling companies. Taking on Silicon Valley, she helped scale core go-to-market at Fountain (YC W15) and at Truework (Sequoia-backed). Now, she is building Prelay as its Co-founder and CEO. Prelay's team selling platform simplifies the most complex deal processes (from POCs to Trials and Pilots) across your organization.

Episode Summary

Remote and hybrid work will continue to be the way of work, and it presents its own advantages and challenges for revenue teams. Gabriella DeFlorio, CEO and Co-founder of Prelay, will discuss how organizations can stay closely aligned and drive revenue together within a hybrid work environment.

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