Episode 21: Inbound and the Value of Retargeting with Jill Bruno

“Everything is about telling a story which you can’t do without your tech stack which is why you have to build trust within your process.”

Our Speaker

Jill Bruno

SDR Manager, RocketReach

Guest Bio

Jill has been in the SDR space since 2014 and is currently building her 3rd team from the ground up. While everyone is trying to be a thought leader in “outbound cold outreach” she has made it a mission to find ways to make inbound pay exponential dividends with her lead retargeting processes. With several Outreach Specialist certificates, she recognizes the importance of a well-maintained tech stack and refuses to let any opportunities fall through the cracks as most sales teams. She is a member of Pavilion and also a mentor and advocate of #GirlsClub.

Episode Summary

Inbound is one of the best sources of “outbound” list building you can have. Obviously we aren’t talking about current inbounds, but the process and value behind creating a valuable retargeting motion.

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