Episode 15: SDR Promotion Path and Career Expectations with Josh Roth

“The more a hiring manager delegates to you, the more they trust you, and the more they are bought in to your promotion path.”

Our Speaker

Josh Roth

Vice President of Commercial Sales, Lob

Guest Bio

Josh Roth is a sales leader for high growth late stage B2B SaaS companies looking to exit - one of the few people who has a world series ring, an acquisition in a company he founded, an IPO

Episode Summary

It feels like most SDRs expect a direct promotion to AE after just a year of being an AE, but very rarely do they actually tend to stick that year out, and even more rarely do they hit quota after being promoted. Josh Roth, Senior Director of Inside Sales at LOB walks us through how to manage promotion, setting realistic expectations for a promotion, and how to best prepare for a potential promotion.

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