Episode 17: Crushing it as a First-Time SDR with Jahleane Dolne

“If you don’t put out any content in the next three to six months, nobody is going to come to you.”

Our Speaker

Jaleane Dolne

SDR, Pavilion

Guest Bio

Jahleane is the most tenured and highest performing SDR at Pavilion (formerly Revenue Collective) where she earned SDR of the Quarter in Q3 2021 and Growth Team MVP in Q4 2021, she also creates content and runs a blog for her personal brand “Jahleane”.

Episode Summary

Breaking into tech can be hard, and hitting your quota as a first-time SDR can be even harder! For Jahleane Dolne, Outbound SDR @ Pavilion, she has some great insights on how others can break into tech, what is in store, and some tips for how to handle a new industry and new function entirely!

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