Episode 22: Keeping the Energy Alive with Larry Long Jr.

“You have to take care of your self and prioritize your why or you won’t be able to compete in this game.”

Our Speaker

Larry Long Jr.

Chief Energy Officer, LLJR Enterprises

Guest Bio

Larry Long Jr is the Founder and CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of LLJR Enterprises, focused on sales motivation & inspiration. He is the host of the ‘Midweek Midday Motivational Minute’, Co-Author of Color Outside The Lines, and Author of JOLT! coming out in Spring 2022. As a former college athlete (Go Terps! He played baseball for the University of Maryland), Larry is extremely passionate about coaching, and helping professionals take their game to the 'next level'.

Episode Summary

Being a salesperson is tough work, it’s mentally draining and physically tough in certain cases. This is why it’s so valuable to understand how to get a JOLT in your approach and keep the energy going you need to win.

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