Episode 25: Leveraging Champions with Stephen Ruff

"Just like how CD players were popular and then the iPod came along and changed all that, finding people you’ve already sold to and selling to them again is changing the game for sellers."

Our Speaker

Stephen Ruff

Co-Founder, Champify

Guest Bio

Stephen spent the past 5 years in tech Sales. He started as a BDR at Samsara then BDR manager, spent 3 years as an AE at Heap, and recently launched a new startup called Champify. Stephen’s secret sauce to source 60+ deals in one year was using data to be smarter about getting into high-probability conversations. Champify productizes one of these channels (alumni customers) which enables revenue teams to leverage their thousands of former customers that now work at prospect accounts.

Episode Summary

Outbound is getting increasingly tough and with win rates so low, it’s time to find a better way to create qualified pipeline. Stephen has solved for this both practically and tacitally where he will discuss how to create this new form of “outbound” to create deals that are bigger ACVs and closing at a faster clip.

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